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Monday, February 3, 2014


Cotton's Inferno, the latest Cotton Burke Western is now in bookstores and online, and fans of Sheriff Cotton Burke may be surprised at the evil that he discovers man is capable of. The story starts in a tiny crossroads village in Texas when Carp Varner, a man with no conscious, destroys everything and everyone in sight over his loss at being elected mayor. His vindictive ways follow him wherever he goes, leaving pain and heartache in his wake.

Varner leaves with nothing but embers to remember him by. He thinks no one will ever know what he's done, but a young man that saw everything does know and, while he has no way of following since all the horses were destroyed, vows to go after the murderer on foot to find and pay him back for his evildoing. When the young man comes across a young woman, abandoned and nearing death from starvation, his quest is sidelined, at least temporarily, in order to save her life. A relationship grows and she joins him on his adventure to find Varner.

While Varner slowly makes his way toward Apache Springs, Sheriff Cotton Burke has his hands full with more problems created by his deputy's love interest, Melody Wakefield, the town's madam. Melody is so greedy that when she sees an opportunity to grab up a silver mine she believes is worth a fortune, she rushes in without getting all the facts. And of course gets burned.

When a town is built primarily of wood, the greatest danger is fire. Carp Varner's threat to burn Apache Springs if the town doesn't elect him to high office, puts the whole town on edge and the sheriff in a precarious situation.

Cotton's Inferno is available in paperback and ebook. It is published by Berkley Publishing. I hope you'll look it up.

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