Phil Dunlap, Western Author

Friday, November 9, 2012


When AmazonEncore bought all the assets of Avalon Books, where I'd had a number of Westerns published, I wasn't certain what my future might hold. I had a new Piedmont Kelly novel that had been sitting in Avalon's que for some time. Then, out of the blue, Amazon started sending me contracts, forms to sign, the manuscript to revise, and cover art to approve. After waiting for such a long time for Apache Lawman to possibly see the light of day, suddenly it was about to be come reality. Thrilled? You bet.

I've loved doing the U.S. Marshal Piedmont Kelly series and the fifth installment was one I was particularly fond of because it offered a new dimension to Spotted Dog, the Chiricahua Apache who was saved from certain death by Marshal Kelly. As their friendship grows, so does the trust between them and Kelly finds the old Indian's skills at tracking so superior to his own, he is willing to go to General Crook and ask that the Apache be allowed to accompany him away from the reservation on a permanent basis, thus effectively making him a free man, unconfined by governmental constraints or arbitrary borders.

Apache Lawman brings many new and different story elements to the forefront in my attempt to portray not just Indians, but others in unfortunate situations, as worthy of having their stories told.

Apache Lawman is available as of November 13 at You can go directly to my Author page at: