Phil Dunlap, Western Author

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The New Frontier or?

Life is just full of surprises, isn't it? My latest surprise came when I received an e-mail informing me that my long-time hardcover publisher, Avalon Books, had been sold to Amazon, which had formed a new, traditional publishing arm. Whoa! I didn't see that coming. Avalon had been a distinguished publisher since 1950. That's one heck of a run for anyone in today's publishing world. Naturally, I was curious, and a little apprehensive, as to what the deal might look like for all of us authors. Avalon had published five of my books and was getting ready to put out number six. I wasn't disappointed by what I saw.

When things started happening, I was again surprised, though I shouldn't have been, at how professionally and smoothly it all went. Amazon made lots of promises that would thrill any author, and easily make up for any possible disappointment at losing an old friend. They started by sending editorial correspondence aimed at assuring the manuscript met their standards. Excellent editing, I might add. Then they did something I'd never seen before from any publisher, they actually sent several covers from which I could choose my choice. And, to my surprise, they were all incredible. I immediately picked one and was told it was a go. I love it.

The book that Amazon is publishing as an AmazonEncore Western is called "Apache Lawman" and continues the U.S. Marshal Piedmont Kelly series. It will be out in paperback and Kindle ebook on November 13. Here is the cover. Let me know what you think.

There are several other new developments that I'll be announcing soon. Oh, by the way, an earlier Avalon book in the same series, called "Ambush Creek", came out today on Kindle for the first time ever. The Hardcover was published in 2010. The way they've priced it, I hope I might see some new readers. I've got my fingers crossed. 


  1. I like it and hope Amazon continue to impress you. :)

    1. Thanks, Joanne. So far, I'm hugely impressed.